MC110.100 Wikco Brand Motorcycle Tire Changer
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MC110.100 Motorcycle Tire Changer
  • The Model MC110.100 is our original motorcycle tire changer. The MC110.100 motorcycle tire changer lets you change tires on mini-bike and motorcycle wheels with rim diameters from 8 inches up through 21 inches. The motorcycle tire changer is complete with beadbreaker and mount/demount bars. The MC110.100 comes with our custom wheel bar for motorcycle and other wheels with aluminum, chrome, or painted rims. The custom wheel bar tire tool prevents scratching and gouging of these wheels. The inserts on the bars will last for many uses, but can be easily replaced when needed. The MC110.100 also comes with the standard steel bar, that can be used when changing standard steel rims on ATV's, garden tractors, and cars and pickups; all wheels you can do on the lower stand of the MC 110.100. The Wikco MC 110.100 motorcycle tire changer is more versatile than any other motorcycle tire changer made. The MC 110.100 is reasonably priced, made in the USA, and has a 2 year warranty.

  • Features/Specifications

  • Model MC110.100 lets you change tires on mini-bike and motorcycle wheels with rim diameters of 8" up through 21"
  • Comes with 2 different center posts: 9/16 inch and 7/16 inch diameter to fit most wheels with a center hole through the rim.
  • Also change tires on ATV wheels or trailer wheels with a large open center
  • Tire changer comes complete with bead breaker and mount/demount bars
  • Custom Mount/Demount Bar has durable nylon ends to protect wheels from scratching and gouging (ends are very durable)
  • Standard steel mount/demount bar which is also included, can be used on standard steel wheels, or on any wheel with rough or damaged edges so you don't wear the custom wheel bar
  • Remove motorcycle rim clamp holder, and use the plate on the main stand of tire changer to also change tires on other wheels including: ATV, garden tractor, golf cart, car, trailer, and pickup wheels
  • All steel construction.
  • Tool holder attachment (included) holds mount/demount bar and other parts when not in use, and also has rubber lubricant bottle and applicator swab
  • Height: From floor to where motorcycle rim sits - 37 inches
  • Shipped in two cartons, 52 lbs. and 30 lbs.
  • The MC110.100 is now equipped with our new rim clamp hooks with protective plastic ends, as shown above. The motorcycle vise clamps are tall enough that brake disk(s), belt drive pulley, or sprocket can be left bolted to the rim when changing the tire.
MC110.100 Motorcycle Tire Changer & BMC112 Wheel Balancer
Shown With Optional
BMC-112 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
Balancer Price $179.00 When Purchased With The MC110.100
Includes Ground Shipping

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Plastic Protective Rim Clamps
Protective Rubber Bead Breaker
Plastic Protected Bead Breaker Shoe
Custom Demount - Mount Tire Bar
Tire Bar Demount End
Tire Bar Mount End
Price: $547.00                        Includes Ground Shipping
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Drawing And Parts List.
Drawing And Parts List

MC110.100 Parts:

  • Part Number              Description                        Quantity
  • Part 100-1         Tire Changer Stand                            1
  • Part 100-2           Tire Changer Cap                             1
  • Part 100-3              Wheel Lug Pin                               1
  • Part 100-4                   Spider                                      1
  • Part 100-5                 Clevis Pin                                    2
  • Part 100-6                3/8" bolts                                   4
  • Part 100-7         Bead Breaker Handle                        1
  • Part 100-8                 Bridge Pin                                   2
  • Part 100-9           Short Base Channel                          2
  • Part 100-10           Bead Breaker Shoe                        1
  • Part 100-11     3/8" Flat Washer & Lock Washer    4 Sets
  • Part 100-12                   3/8" Nut                                4
  • Part 100-13            Long Base Channel                         1
  • Part 100-14C        Large Custom MountlDemount Bar                1
  • Part 100-14A Replaceable Demount End  ($6.95 ea.) 1     
  • Part 100-14B     Bolt (Demount End)  ($1.50 ea.)        1      
  • Part 100-14C1   Replaceable Insert (Mount End) ($6.95 ea.)    1     
  • Part 100-15             Tool Holder Assembly                 1
  • Part 100-17                Lubricant Bottle                       1
  • Part 100-18                Applicator Swab                        1

     MC110 Wheel Vise: Parts List:

  • Part 110-100-1       Center Post, 9/16" diameter         1
  • Part 110-100-2      Center Post, 7/16" diameter        1
  • Part 110-100-3               Slider Clamp                         2
  • Part 110-100-4       Bridge pin and clevis pin set         2
  • Part 110-100-5                Clamp Screw                         1
  • Part 110-100-6                   Frame                                1
  • Part 110-100-7                    Knob                                  1
  • Part 110-100-8             Lug Bolt Stop                           1

Replacement Parts Available direct from the factory by phone or fax at 402-464-2070 Or
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MC110.100 Motorcycle Tire Changer.
Toll Free Phone: 800-872-8864
Custom Demount / Mount Bar
Part Number 100-14C $99.00 Includes Ground Shipping

Rim Clamp Hooks
Protective Plastic End
Bead Breaker Shoe
Bead Breaker Channel
Demount End
Mount End
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Motorcycle Wheel Vise
Demount / Mount Tire Bar