MC110.100 Deluxe Motorcycle Tire Changer - Also Changes Tires On Car, Pickup, & Trailer Tires Up To 19" Wheel Size. $499.00
Plus $49.00 Ground Shipping.
MC110.200 Motorcycle Tire Changer $399.00
Plus $49.00 Ground Shipping.
SC160 Tire Changer With Air Blast Bead Seater  (Built In Air Tank)  The
Most Versatile Tire Changer Works With Wheel Sizes 4" To 19".  $975.00
Used By  Golf Courses, Power Equipment Shops, Sporting Complexes.
Truck Shipping $140.00
Heavy Duty, Long Lasting, Plastic Rim Clamp Protection. Easily Replaceable.
Bead Breaker
STC100.103 Manual Tire Changer Works With Wheel Sizes 4" To 19".  Used By  Golf Courses, Power Equipment Shops, Sporting Complexes, Farms, & Homes. $399.00Plus $49.00 Ground Shipping.
LSM-78 Super Spear Log Splitter. When You Done With Your Tire Changing, Split Your Fire Wood With Original Super Spear Log Splitter. $89.95
Log Splitter Wedge - Cold Finish Hardened Steel Point 
Model # LSM-09
Use this wedge with a sledge hammer to split wood. also can be used as a wedge to prevent saw binding when cutting down trees.
Wikco Industries specially orders the Cold Finished Hardened Steel to construct the points, the point will hold a sharp edge for many uses, and can easily be re-sharpened. The Log Splitter Wedge is 11 inches long, and weighs about  3 lbs. The price includes USPS Priority shipping within the continental USA. $31.95
$229.00 Includes 
Easy to use spin-type wheel balancer works for motorcycle wheels that have a center hole through the rim .
Custom adapters available for shaft drive bikes and/or bikes with a single sided swing arm .
Comes with level to level balancer on table top, or when clamping it in the jaws of rim clamp tire changers - can be mounted on top of your tire changer, which gives you a solid, secure way to mount and hold the balancer firmly in place. 
Also includes tire crayon to mark wheel, and 2 strips of Tape-A-Weight. 
Comes standard with magnetic base and metal reference rod to determine whether or not wheel is running true by checking wheel run out, checks for radial and lateral wheel run out .
Locking cones center and hold wheel on balancer shaft for proper operation and accuracy wheel balancing a wheel .
All steel construction for years of service. 
Wheel balancer is perfect for use by small shops, bike clubs, and individuals that want to be able to balance motorcycle wheels easily; balances within 1/4 ounce. 

Deluxe Bench Mount Tire Changing Kit. Model #TC300. $569.00
The Model # TC300 Bench Mount Tire Changing Kit combines all of the Wikco Brand Tire Changing Tools into one convenient package. The Kit allows you the flexibility to change tires on: Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Cars, Pickups, Trailers, Go Karts, Golf Carts, Lawn & Turf Equipment, Farm Equipment. 
The Kit Includes: 
TC300BA - Bench Mount Adapter with Bead Breaker. 

MC110.200B - Motorcycle Wheel Vice with Plastic Protected Wheel Clamps.

100-14C - Custom Motorcycle Demount & Mount Tire Tool With Plastic Protected Ends.
STC103B - Small Tire Attachment with Small Tire Demount & Mount Tire Tool.

SC160-31B - Large Center Post Kit (Includes: The Center Post, For Changing Car & Pickup Tires with Wheel Sizes Up to 19", The Hold Down Cap, with Spider,and The Large All Steel Tire Demount & Mount Tire Tool.

100-17 - Tire Lube Bucket, with Lube, and Application Swab. 

Optional: MC110.200F Floor Mount Adapter with Heavy Duty Bead Breaker.
               $197.00 Includes Floor Mount Wedge Anchors, and Free Shipping.

TC300BA Bench Mount Adapter $69.00
MC110.200B - Motorcycle Wheel Vice with Plastic Protected Wheel Clamps, Includes The 100-14C - Custom Motorcycle Demount & Mount Tire Tool With Plastic Protected Ends, and Free Shipping
Includes Optional: TC300BA Bench Mount 
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 STC103B Small Tire Accessory.
 Wikco Brand Tire Changer Accessory.
 Price is $139.00 Free Ground Shipping.

 Changes tires on wheels with 3/4" center      bearings such as ATV's, small farm implements,   golf carts, go-carts, and most outdoor power equipment tires. 
Used by professional shops of all sizes, lawn and garden centers, power equipment shops, golf courses, city park departments, and do it yourself garages and shops.
Comes complete with base plate, hold down cap, and small demount / mount tire bar. 
Shown With Optional: TC300BA Bench Mount Adapter $59.00
Model # SC160-31B Tire Changing Center Post Accessory
Use this accessory to change tires on car, pickup, and trailer tires, or any other tire with a center hole in the wheel  from 1 3/4" to 4"
Used by power equipment shops, auto shops, golf courses, landscape companies, tire shops, schools, as well as private individuals.
Over the years we have sold thousands of this same attachment with very positive feed back.
Comes complete with screw on hold down cap, and spider to hold the wheel down tight. Also comes with our popular all steel, large tire mount / demount tire bar (the tire bar alone is is a $69.00 value).
Price is $189.00 Free Ground Shipping
Includes Optional: TC300BA Bench Mount 
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